Audi – “Swim”
VFX Supervisor | Shoot

BTS: Nike ‘Awaken The Phantom’
VFX Supervisor | Behind The Scenes

Formula E – “Battle Scars”
VFX Supervisor

Nike – “Awaken The Phantom”
VFX Supervisor | Shoot

Virgin Media – “Harmony”
Lead 3D | Shoot

Final Fantasy – “Alliance”
Lead 3D London | Shoot

Three – “Go Roam”
Lead 3D | Feather Groom | L&R
Half giraffe, half flamingo. Not much more to add!

I whipped out the feathers again for this project, grooming and look dev-ing the flamingo portion of the animal as well as leading the final delivery of the spot.
Virgin Media – “Delivering Awesome”
Lead 3D | Shoot
A total throw the kitchen sink 3D-athon commercial for this one. Everything from Pre-viz, tunnel extensions, vehicles to robots and astronauts.

Here’s a little behind the scenes:
Virgin Media – Behind the scenes
Waitrose – “Coming Home”
Lead 3D | Feather Groom | L&R
For the 2016 Waitrose Christmas advert we took on the challenge of creating a CG robin!

Working alongside R&D I helped develop a new feather system to give us the flexibility required to make the advert, such as making a wet bird. Using this system I groomed the hero asset of the robin.

Very festive indeed!

Nominated for VES: VFX, Animation and Compositing!
Winner of: Silver Cannes Lion in Animation, British Arrows Gold for Best CGI & Creative Circle Gold – Best VFX

Here’s a little behind the scenes:
Waitrose – Behind the scenes
B&Q – Beavers
LookDev | L&R
Claire & Billy are a beaver couple with home improvement on the mind.

I worked mainly on the shading of the fur for both of the characters as well as the lookDev of their skin and accessories. I also lit and rendered the garage sequence of the spot.

B&Q – Zebra
Groom | L&R
For B&Q’s latest commercial we brought Fred, an eccentric, colour loving zebra, to life. In many of the shots we replaced the whole zebra mask with a 3D talking version, where as in others we patched in eyes, mouth and ears to allow subtle movements.

I was tasked with the grooming, lookDev and lighting and rendering of the zebra across the entire commercial.

Sky Q – DRTV
Lead 3D | L&R
One part of a series of eight spots following on from Sky Q’s fluid viewing campaign. I was the Lead 3D artist and heavily responsible for the choreography and ensuring continuity from the previous campaigns.

Angry Birds – Making Of
Making of
Bit of behind the scenes Bahamas action!
Angry Birds 2
Lead 3D | Shoot
Winner of:

Ciclope – Silver – 3D Animation
Eurobest – Bronze – VFX

Legoland – “Awesome Awaits”
L&R Lead
For Legolands latest campaign we designed and Lego-fied all sorts of characters, from Pirates to drum playing octopuses.

I was responsible for supervising the lighting and rendering of the spot as well as working out how to render millions of bricks within Houdini and Arnold.

Rendered in Houdini with Arnold
BBC Music – Making Of
Making of
A little behind the scenes number…
BBC Music – “God Only Knows”
Lead 3D Cloud Sequence | Groom | Lighting & Rendering

For the grand launch of BBC Music I was lucky enough to work on the end cloud sequence as well adding angel wings to Lorde. I also worked on the build of the single feather at the end of the spot.

Clouds: Rendered in Houdini with Mantra
Wings: Rendered in Maya with Arnold

Nike Football: Winner Stays.
Lead 3D London | Rendering
On Nike’s latest football epic, “Winner Stays”, I was responsible for the delivery of the London team’s 150+ VFX shots, as well as rendering across the commercial.

Rendered in Houdini with Mantra

VW Wings
Lead 3D | Groom | Lighting & Rendering
“For every 100,000 miles a German engineer gets his wings”

For VW’s most recent SuperBowl commercial we took on the challenge of adding 3D wings into two shots to sit aside practical wings, sprouting from German engineers.

The spot received over 17 million views in it’s first week of going online!

Rendered in Maya with Arnold.
Smithwick’s “Squirrel”
Lighting & Rendering
For Smithwick’s Squirrel we embarked on the challenge of creating a fully 3D beer brewing, aging Squirrel!

I was responsible for lighting and rendering all of the shots where the squirrel was on the control panel including the close up of the eye. Where necessary I also tweaked the groom & simulated fur.


Rendered in Houdini with Mantra
Fruit d’Or: “Hugo”
Shoot | Feather Groom | Rendering
For this spot we were required to create a fully CG bird: “Hugo”.

I was mainly responsible for the groom of the bird crafting the density, flow and lengths of each feather. This was particularly tricky as we tried to stay true to that of an actual great tit, who have long feathers on their small bodies.

I was also on shoot for this commercial.

Rendered in Maya with Arnold
Kia – Recommendations
Previz | Shoot | Lighting & Rendering
Kia’s “Reviews and Recommendations” campaign required us to create an installation space to mimic their customers feedback – aka thousands of keyboard keys!

I was involved throughout the ad, from early previz-ing, shoot supervision and then lighting and rendering.

Rendered in Maya with Arnold.
Bell – Any Screen, Anywhere
Lighting & Rendering | Pipeline | Shading
A spot for Bell Canada in preparation for the 2012 Olympics.

I was responsible for the shading, lighting & rendering as well as pipelining the commercial.

Rendered in Maya with Arnold.
Showreel ’12
A selection of commercials worked on since joining The Mill, from angels to hummingbirds…

Many of the commercials featured can be found in full below.
Rainbow Six: Patriots Trailer
Texturing | Shading | Lighting & Rendering
A totally 3D cinematic for the new Rainbow 6 game, which is to be released in 2013.

I was mainly lighting and rendering on this job, but was also involved with texturing and shading environment elements, as well as writing tools to help in the rendering stage.

Rendered in Maya with Arnold.
Audi HummingBird
Modeling | ICE | Lighting | Rendering
A fully CG spot for the new Audi A6 Avant saw us create a hummingbird designed to mimic the look and feel of the car.

I was mainly responsible for the shots where the hummingbird finds itself amongst a sea of foxgloves made entirely out of traffic cones, for all stages from modeling through to rendering (minus animation).

Rendered in XSI with Arnold

Axe/Lynx: Fallen Angels
Tracking | Texturing | Lighting & Rendering
This was the first Lynx Angels ad The Mill worked on. Since working on this spot I’ve worked on many aspects of the campagian from iAd’s and Kelly Brook interactive facebook videos, to German Advent calendars.

I’ve worked on almost every part of the ads from texturing, tracking, lighting & rendering through to compositing.

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