Axe/Lynx: My Angel Girlfriend
L&R Pipeline | Lighting & Rendering
“My Angel Girlfriend” is the follow up commerical to “Lynx – Fallen Angel”.

As per the previous ads I was responsible for lighting and rendering, but I also worked on tools to streamline the set up of shots allowing us to turn round shots a lot faster. This meant we could focus on other elements such as the wings interacting with objects and adding fur to the wings.

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Heineken: The Journey
Texturing | Shading | Lighting & Rendering
In this spot for the Heineken Russian market, I was responsible for the texturing, shading, lighting and rendering of the protagonist bottle cap across all the shots.

Rendered in Maya with MentalRay
Sky Sports 3D: Augusta
Lighting & Rendering
In this ad for Sky Sports 3D’s 2011 coverage of The US Masters, we used a mixture of stock footage and matte paintings to build our slow-mo backplates.

I was responsible for the lighting and rendering of the majority of the shots including my favourite – the ladybird shot.